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Impact Hubspot Affiliate Link

How to setup Impact as a custom conversion source.

This is Hubspot affiliate link without subid parameter

Impact lets you pass up to 3 subid parameters

subId1, subId2 or subId3

This is hubspot affiliate link with subId1 parameter and the anytrack tracking placeholder --CLICK-ID--


The tracking process works as follow:

  1. Anytrack autogenerates, records and passes the --CLICK-ID-- into the subId1 parameter. ex: as098fas0df8as0df98
  2. Impact receives and store the value under their database field subId1
  3. When a conversion occurs, Impact is able to send the value stored into the subId1 field (as098fas0df8as0df98)
  4. The placeholder used in the postback url is {subId1}
  5. At run time, Impact calls the AnyTrack postback URL and substitutes the subId1 with the value initially sent by AnyTrack
  6. AnyTrack receives the click_id value and records the conversion
Postback URL set in Impact{subId1}
Postback URL Called during conversion

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